My approach

My Approach

Getting to know yourself…

We begin by creating a space where you can slow things down and listen to yourself with a gentle curiosity. In this accepting place, alienated parts may feel safe enough to surface, be seen and explored. As this happens, you have the opportunity to reintegrate these parts and release the lessons and defenses that are no longer serving you.

I offer interventions and compassionate witnessing that can help you go deeper so you can recognize limiting patterns and beliefs. You may begin to discover reactive behaviors that are limiting your life and sabotaging connection with others. We can explore and process the roots of these unhelpful behaviors and you can practice new ways of being in the world. 

As you allow yourself to sink into your body and sense what you need, insights can “bubble up” naturally. I believe that you have all of the answers, and we can use our creativity and intuition to unlock these answers and create healing experiences. My role is to serve as a guide and compassionate presence until you learn to reconnect with your inner wisdom and healing intuition, and become a loving guiding presence for yourself.

Theoretical Orientation

As I dip into various types of therapies to meet an individual’s needs, I rely heavily on mindfulness to facilitate deeper growth work. I find that mindfulness, which involves directing awareness to what is happening in the present moment, is helpful in providing the distance necessary to explore internal workings from a curious, less reactive place. From here, events, emotions and sensations can be experienced in such a way that results in real and lasting transformation.

I specialize in modalities that help clients go beyond ordinary states of consciousness. From these places of deeper awareness, they can access their inner wisdom and healing intuition to effectively process the patterns and traumas that are keeping them stuck.

These are the three modalities that I use most often:

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